Staying outside Dubrovnik worked well for me. I was ready for some down time and the easy stroll  from my garden apartment past lovely gardens to the water was relaxing. Food was good at the waterfront restaurant and I watched the chef literally fire up the grill with a blowtorch. Kasar Konoba came with a friendly but non intrusive cat who comandeered my extra chair for a nap.

     I finally worked up my enthusiasm to visit Dubrovnik and brave the 4 cruise ship crowds, hoping that later in the day they would be returning to the ship. I can usually out wait groups for clear photo ops but there were several groups that just stood in front of places chatting. It was nice after 5 pm when the place started clearing out.

     As often happens, unplanned events are often the best. As I was wandering, I heard music and saw a group of costumed people walking through the street. So I followed them to the front of St. Blaise where a section had been  roped off. They were a folk group from Slavonia, Eastern Croatia. After the performance, I talked with one of the personable dancers and she explained the significance of the embroidery and jewelry on the costumes. Impressive!


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