I spent several happy days on Korčula, staying in the village of Lumbarda. The drive to the ferry at Orebič from Split lead me across the mountain spine down into green valleys and through many vineyards with open tasting rooms. There were little lakes with floating barrels in lines which I later discovered were markers for fish farms. The mountain fortifications at Ston were truly jaw-dropping. It's a quick trip across the water where you get a good view of the town of Korčula

     Korčula is alleged to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. One of the traditions in Korčula is the moreska or sword dance which highlights the battle of two kings over a woman. The highly spirited dance features real swords which on occasion break off and fly into the audience. 

     A drive down the spine of the island lead me to the coastal town of Vela Luka and its little harbor. The village of Lumbarda worked well for me; parking in Korčula is a nightmare but they are building a new parking structure to accommodate the crowds. Lumbarda has two very nice sand beaches that were not crowded yet and were the perfect place to get some mindless beach time.

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