Pere Lachaise

     I decided to take the bus up to the cemetery one day and prowl around. It always confirms my feelings of abandonment when people pass away. Demonstrations of love and tribute fall into disrepair and neglect when the memory fades or the family dies out.

    I had my map of the “important” grave sites and started out like everyone else on a treasure hunt. First, past the war memorials and the interesting, then the famous and must sees...

    But wait, look at the doors and the little houses (for lack of a better word). For those who have seen the movie “Up”, I was like the robot dogs... “Squirrel!” only for me it was “Window!” Inside these little buildings, I found the most amazing stained glass windows. It was clear that for many of them, no one had been inside for years, maybe centuries. Here are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy.

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