Mykonos was our first stop and we scheduled a tour to Delos. Delos is a small island with very important historical, mythological, and archeological significance. It was a holy sanctuary before being named as the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. It was a pilgrim site and later became an important trading port. The site is divided with the religious sites on one side so that pilgrims come avoid the more commercial and residential side. Many of the religious statues and temples were destroyed during repeated attacks and were pushed into the sea. The site is an ongoing excavation site and many of the artifacts are housed in a small museum on site.

     After the morning at Delos, we returned to Mykonos and were recalled to the sip because of rough water. Later things calmed down enough that we were able to return to explore the winding streets and find the iconic windmills with more than a little effort. While I waited for a clear shot (never happened) one of the local residents came up for a cuddle and found my backpack a cozy place for a nap. The Sunset Bar in Little Venice was our last stop for a drink, internet, and sunset.

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