The first thing I think of when Siracusa comes to mind is the markets. What a treat to get there first thing in the morning and see all the fresh food. There were vegetables that I had never seen and fish still smelling of the sea. Everything is carefully displayed for maximum appreciation. Then there are the excavations of the Greek theater and Roman amphitheater and the nearby Ear of Dionysius with its wonderful acoustics. The Greek theater look a little different of a visit which included a concert by Andrea Bocelli. 

   Sicily has a strong traditional of puppetry and Siracusa had a wonderful little puppet theater, workshop, and museum. 

   A boat tour around the island is a wonderful way to get a different perspective. The small aquarium has some of my favorites and a few strange new ones. An interesting tour is the Ipogeo di Piazza Duomo, a vast underground space which served as an air raid shelter in WWII.

    Wandering the streets always provides opportunities for noticing interesting building details and you might run into a bride and groom or two out for photo ops or even a procession. From the ancient to the modern, Siracusa is a delight.

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