Maremma is a beautiful area of Tuscany stretching along the Etruscan coast and down into parts of Lazio. Lovely beaches, hilltop towns, Etruscan traces, and the “wild west” are all found here. I was lucky to spend several weeks. 

The Gulf of Baratti was the first stop with the small town of Populonia and the park containing the Necropoli di San Cerbone attracting my attention. There was a wedding in a small church just the perfect size for an intimate occasion. After watching the bride and groom with their well-wishers, it was time to explore the Etruscan tombs in the archeological park.

I wanted to see the famous butteri, the Tuscan cowboys, but all I saw were the cattle, very similar to the longhorns of my childhood Texas. Driving through the countryside provided lots of photos ops. The quiet, nearly deserted Abbazia di San Galgano was my next stop. Set out in the country, the peace was tangible. What a wonderful place to alone with your thoughts!

There are so many wonderful towns in this area, Massa Marittima was just one. It’s a jewel of a town. I look forward to returning.

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