Vittorio Veneto


     Vittorio Veneto has now become my second base in Italy after Lucca. I've purchased a share in an apartment and have now made a few visits. More about the town is at:  Other blogs about sites in the area start with "Veneto". 

    In the "centro" is a nice park near the train station and a very pleasant place to hang out. The gelato stand there is one of my favorites. Bar Lux is on the corner for a simple and reasonable lunch.

     The Monday market is usually very lively and stretches down the main street into Serravale. Walking down the streets gives the opportunity to gaze at the villas constructed by the wealthy Venetians in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

     It is a place with good train transportation links but having a car helps with the backroads and dealing with time tables. The Prosecco road is filled with wineries. There are plenty of hiking/walking/cycling paths. War related sites are marked along the road of "The Great War", La Grande Guerra. Roman history can be found along the Marca Storica. Buildings by architects and artists like Canova and Palladio are found in the province. 

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