Santiago de Compostela

     Santiago de Compostela was the second stop on the Lenten/Easter trip and the first place that I experienced the processions, my reason for the trip. A friend has walked the camino several times and I watched the movie, The Way, about the pilgrim path so I thought that being here on Psalm Sunday would be the perfect place to start.

     First and foremost, the symbol of the camino is the scallop shell which represents all paths coming together at the journey's end. This symbol is carried by all pilgrims and can be found everywhere. The destination in Santiago is the Cathedral and a marker is in the plaza where the pilgrims stand and reflect their experiences. For many, it is a time of tears and exhaustion as they collapse and rest before entering the church. For others, it is a time of joyous celebration. 

     Next came the Good Friday procession. Lead by the band playing a solemn tune, the huge statue carried on the shoulders of the chosen was followed by the people carrying not only the traditional palms but also branches of laurel, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ.

     A small tourist train provides a circle tour and a view of the Cathedral from the hills above the city. There were still plenty of things to see by foot. 

     The city is famous for items made of jet and  silver and shop displays are tempting. I was almost tempted by the unusual foot treatment as my feet were in sad shape from walking at that point. 

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