On a recent visit to Moab in Southern Utah, we had only a few days to experience just a small amount of the beauty of the area. We tried to imagine living in such a challenging environment under limited conditions. I am definitely not a "pioneer" type.

     We arrived just before one of their summer storms and our planned sunset trip to Dead Horse Point almost got rained out. The rain slacked off just in time for us to make a mad dash to the point. The legend of Dead Horse Point is a sad one. It says that cowboys penned up wild horses in the canyon, chose the ones they wanted, and then left the rest to die of thirst within view of the river below.

     Day 2 started with our scheduled Hummer tour of the back country. We met up with our tour guide, Will, and hit the road. Our entrance point is known as Hell's Revenge and looked like a freeway at rush hour with other tours and bikers coming through. Will proceeded to show us all the tricks a Hummer could do and kept us on the edge of our seats as we traversed the edge of the sandstone cliffs. The Hummer could operate on steep angles and only needed traction on 1 wheel to maneuver. Who knew that backing up at >45 degrees and hanging off a rock on 2 wheels could be that much fun!

     Will returned us to the pickup point for our afternoon river trip. Maya and John were the river guides and we had a multi-national group, France, Germany, Canada, as well as the USA were represented on our rafts. The river is one tenth of the level of last year and our  pace was delightfully slow with small rapids, enough to create a little excitement and splash. Despite starting the day with heavy clouds, we ended the day with the clear blue skies for which Moab is famous. 

     After a rest stop and dinner, we made it back out to Arches for a few sunset photos. The next day we returned for the short hike through the Windows area.  On the way out of the park, we stopped at the beautiful visitors' center and watched the video explaining the geological origins of the landscape. Taking time to explore nature and a different environment was a great break from our usual routine visit. 

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