The iconic emblem of Seattle is the space needle and this year is the 50th anniversary of its debut at the World's Fair. It is located at the Science Center where a touring exhibit of King Tut was being held. Sounded like a good excuse to make a visit. I hadn't been for many years since a dive trip photo party. After seeing the exhibit and riding to the top of the Space Needle, enjoying fabulous views on a relatively clear day, I checked out the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit. We have a piece in Salt Lake which was made for the Olympics and I had been to one in Las Vegas. I love the colors and patterns he produces. In his glass garden gazing balls were positioned to catch the reflection of the Space Needle. Another landmark is the Pike Market which has lots of tempting goodies. 

I met up with another Italy "afficionata" and we took our turn on the Wheel on the waterfront. After  stopping by the aquarium, we enjoyed a nice lunch on deck of a wharfside restaurant. Later on my own, I tried to take a Ride the Duck tour but they sold me a ticket to a tour which started at a different location and I missed my time. I do not recommend their lack of organization at all. After another wander through Pike's Market, it was time to return to the hotel to pack for the flight home.

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